About Us

Testrix Systems manufacture a range of sewer and drain pipe inspection camera systems to suit various applications. Along with these inspection systems, we have our precision digital underground cable and pipe locator, the U-Loc, the innovative Aqua-Loc water leak detection kit and a range of thermal imaging cameras offering excellent resolutions at a price point 40% below similar equipment. With a reputation as one of Australia’s leading suppliers of custom inspection systems, you can be assured that Testrix Systems can and will continue to innovate and build products that help you to achieve the necessary outcomes required.  

We deliver a combination of robust design technologies and systems that are modular - meaning they can be easily customised to suit various applications. They can be adjusted and added onto as and when required to provide our clients with a versatile solution for various inspection needs. 

Located in Brisbane, we are ideally situated to deliver our equipment nationwide across Australia and New Zealand easily and with fast transit times. We deliver both complete systems as well as service parts and accessories. All Testrix manufactured equipment is fully supported from our base in Brisbane with a fully equipped service centre and a team of applications experts, able to offer technical support and backup. 

We understand your business needs and aim to help you deliver on time and on budget every time. We listen to your requirements and will communicate with you in plain English. Whether your requirements are simple or complex, let Testrix Systems help your business to grow and deliver the goals you have set.