The AEMC 6418 ground resistance clamp meter with it's oblong head is designed for measuring ground bus bars, ground rod and grid resistance and impedance without the use of auxiliary rods. Clamp-on ground resistance testers can be used in multi-grounded systems without disconnecting or deenergizing the ground system under test. The AEMC 6418 simply clamps around the grounding electrode or conductor and measures the contact resistance to ground. By performing measurements on intact ground systems, the user also verifies the quality of the grounding connections and bonds. Resistance and continuity of grounding loops around pads and buildings may also be measured.

Features that are unique to AEMC® are:

  • Loop resistance indication alerts the user to the fact that the measurement may not be ground resistance
  • Bright OLED display
  • Programable alarm settings for both resistance and current

The 6418 performs a high sensitivity measurement function enabling measurement of leakage current flowing to ground or circulating in ground loops from 0.5mA to 20A and resistances from 0.01 to 1200Ω. Battery life information is displayed at power-up and an Auto Power Off power management function is standard. The Buzzer and Auto Power Off features may be disabled at any time. An alarm function and a data storage function are also standard. The alarm settings and stored data are saved when the ground tester is turned off. The rugged Lexan® head and body construction resists breakage.


  • Large multi-function, bright yellow organic display (OLED) is visible in all lighting conditions
  • Differentiates between loop and ground resistance measurements
  • Auto hold feature retains measurement when the jaw is open
  • Data storage (Ω and A with time-stamping)
  • Stores up to 300 measurements in memory
  • Stored measurements can be displayed
  • Clamp opening facilitates both cable and bus bar


  • Utility
  • Cell Sites
  • Telephone Companies
  • Cable TV
  • Railroad
  • DOT - Department of Transportation
  • Electrical Inspectors