The AEMC 6422 digital ground resistance tester is able to conduct both 2-pole and 3-pole ground resistance measurements accurately and with ease. The 6422 is an auto-ranging tester, eliminating the requirement to set test ranges. The meter simply has to be connected and the test button pressed to activate the reading. The meter then automatically seeks the optimum measurement range and conducts the testing process with minimal user intervention. The AEMC 6422 is easy to use - simply connect the leads, press to measure, and read. The large LCD also indicates low battery status, overrange, and lead reversals.

The AEMC 6422 is supplied with 3 safety colour coded terminals to aid in easy connection, and can measure voltage up to 600V AC/DC and AC current up to 60A.

The Model 6422 is powered by 6 x AA alkaline batteries. The Ground Resistance Tester Model 6422 is also available in a complete Kit (with 150-ft cables).

Key Features:

  • 2 Point & 3 Point testing; measures continuity, bonding, and ground resistance
  • Automatic verification of the injector auxiliary rod connection
  • Automatic test frequency adjustment
  • One shot and continuous test modes
  • Test button turns from red to green when the measurement is complete
  • Automatic measurement hold
  • Measure voltage up to 600V AC/DC
  • Large backlit LCD display


  • Ground rod and small ground grid resistance measurement
  • Stray and hazardous voltage detection
  • Leakage current detection
  • Bond and continuity resistance checking