The Benning CM9 is a groundbreaking current leakage clamp meter, which makes is possible to check the insulation resistance of an installation without the need to disconnect the power, which is an invaluable aid for testing in environments, which cannot be powered off, such as critical applications as well as industrial environments.

A resolution of 1µA in the 6mA measuring range ensures that the CM9 has the highest level of sensitivity and accuracy in the industry. A large backlit LCD dispay has an analoue segmented bargraph to display results accurately and to accurately reproduce changing values. In addition to this, the CM9 has a built in light sensor, so that when used in darker conditions, for example, the inside of switchboards, the backlight will automatically activate.with no user intervention for added user safety.

Optimum screening against external magnetic fields ensures that the CM9 remains true and accurate. Results up to 100A can be accurately displayed.

The Benning CM9 is a German engineered test instrument with a CAT III safety rating and designed for professional users.


  • Measurement of leakage currents and differential currents in electrical systems
  • Auto backlight feature for unfavourable lighting conditions
  • Highest resolution of 1µA in the 6mA range
  • Measurement without switching off installation - useful for maintenance
  • Precise and reproducible measuring results up to 100A
  • Optimum screening against external magnetic fields.
  • Segmented bargraph for accurate reading of changing results
  • Professional quality and German engineered.
  • CAT III safety rating