The Caisson GM-200 is a compact and low cost pinless moisture meter designed to offer the user a non-destructive method of determining the moisture content of a range of materials, including building materials such as cement, plasterboard and concrete. Additionally, the GM-200 moisture meter can also detect moisture content in both hardwoods and softwoods.

To operate the GM-200 moisture meter, the user simply places it against the surface to be measured and presses the measure button to get a reading depending on the scale being used. The GM-200 also has user selectable measurement scales and can display moisture content in % by weight, or by carbide method. There are eight measurement scales set in the GM-200 moisture meter as follows:

  • Relative Scale (%)
  • Anhydrite Screed (Wt/CM %)
  • Cement Screed (Wt %)
  • Cement Screed (CM %)
  • Concrete (Wt %)
  • Gypsum Screed (Wt/CM %)
  • Hardwood (Wt %)
  • Softwood (Wt %)

The advantages of using the GM-200 moisture meter are

  • High Resolution
  • Ease of Use
  • Non-destructive method of measurement leaves no damage

The GM-200 has a built in accelerometer which allows the user to properly align the device for measurement, increasing the accuracy and the comfort of using it. The graphical LCD display with backlight can also be rotated on demand, allowing the user to view the screen the right way up, even if the meter is used on it's side to measure in tighter spaces. When using the meter, on screen prompts assist the user in taking the measurement, giving very little margin for user error.


  • Non destructive, pinless moisture meter
  • Large graphical LCD display with electro-luminescent lighting
  • Hold Function freezes last measured value
  • Compact and ergonomic shape
  • Built in accelerometer for correct positioning every time
  • Eight measurement scales for building materials and timber
  • User adjustable alarm thresholds
  • On screen user guidance
  • Supplied in a hard field case
  • Two Year Warranty
  • Australian Support and Service