The FOTRIC TD3-LD acoustic imaging camera is a simple and highly practical device which is used for detecting partial discharge from electrical equipment, gas leaks from pressurised systems and devices in industrial environments, and even mechanical vibrations from mechanical equipment, which can indicate worn components. Additionally, the TD3-LD can be used in vacuum systems and makes it easy to pinpoint leaks and partial discharge anomalies, where other equipment is not able to.

The TD3-LD is lightweight and is designed for hand held use, which is both ergonomic and user-friendly. Operation of the device is very easy and the user requires no prior training to put the TD3-LD to work immediately. This acoustic imaging camera sets a new benchmark, and is an invaluable tool, allowing engineers, technicians, electricians and other users to find and pinpoint problem areas and leaks with pinpoint accuracy and speed.

The FOTRIC TD3 cameras are equipped with 96 built-in MEMS digital microphones, capable of visually displaying ultrasonic information with precision, even within noisy industrial environments, generating accurate acoustic images. The acoustic image overlays in real time onto a visible digital image, enabling users to accurately identify the source of defects. This ensures a consistent supply of pressurised gas, reduces unnecessary gas loss, enhances product quality and operational efficiency, all while ensuring safety in production

Gas Leak Detection:

Gas leaks represent a common challenge faced by various factories, including leaks of compressed gas, flammable gas, toxic gas, corrosive gas, and inert gas among others. Leaks of compressed gas can lead to substantial energy waste and may even cause equipment downtime, increasing factory production costs and risks. Leaks of flammable or toxic gases can create safety hazards, potentially leading to fires and posing threats to personal health, while also causing negative environmental impacts.

FOTRIC’s acoustic imagers can assist users in efficiently, intuitively, and accurately locating leak sources, quickly estimate the financial loss due to the loss, alerting users to take timely measures to prevent further losses.

Electrical Partial Discharge Detection:

FOTRIC’s acoustic imagers identify and locate discharge sources by detecting sound wave signals produced by partial discharges from high-voltage equipment, power cables, insulators, and other devices. This assists maintenance personnel in promptly discovering and handling potential electrical faults, thereby ensuring the consistent and safe operation of power equipment.

Equipped with 96 precision MEMS digital microphones, the TD3-LD acoustic imaging camera captures and analyses acoustic waves, transforming them into detailed visual representations. This innovative approach enables users to "see" sound, making it an invaluable asset for a wide range of applications, from industrial quality control to structural health monitoring.

The high-resolution imaging capability of this acoustic imaging camera allows for the detection of minute cracks, leaks, or irregularities within materials that may be invisible to the naked eye. Whether used in building inspections, electrical inspection, mechanical diagnostics, or research applications, the TD3-LD provides a new dimension of insight into the internal conditions of objects and structures.

Ideal for professionals in fields such as maintenance, electrical, construction, and engineering, the TD3-LD acoustic imaging camera offers a non-destructive and non-intrusive solution to assess the health and integrity of various equipment. The intuitive interface and advanced features make it accessible for both seasoned experts and those new to acoustic imaging technology.

Invest in the future of non-invasive inspections with the TD3-LD acoustic imaging camera – a powerful tool that brings a new level of precision and efficiency to your diagnostic and quality control processes. Revolutionise your approach to inspections and ensure the longevity and safety of structures and materials with this cutting-edge device.

Key Features:

  • Industrial acoustic camera designed to quickly detect gas leaks, partial discharges, and mechanical vibrations
  • Equipped with 96 built-in MEMS digital microphones
  • 2kHz to 96kHz bandwidth range
  • 0.3m to 130m detection distance
  • 5-inch touchscreen display with intuitive controls
  • Mono, multi, and holographic display modes
  • Acoustic image FOV: 45-degrees
  • Advanced diagnosis algorithm - Phase-Resolved Partial Discharge (PRPD) graphs
  • Intuitive data filtering - amplitude and frequency filter
  • Acoustic image overlays in real-time for precise defect source identification

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