The RadiodetectionTX-10B transmitter offers the highest 10 watt power output in the Radiodetection TX range of transmitters. The TX-10B also boasts Bluetooth or iLOC which enables it to be remote controlled from an iLOC enabled locator, such as the RD8100, and RD8000 / RD7000+ RF marker locators. The TX-10B is used to apply an active trace signal to a buried cable or pipe, allowing the operator to use a suitable Radiodetection underground service locator, in order to trace the signal. The main benefit of a higher power transmitter, such as the TX-10B is that the additional power output allows a higher current to flow in the target line, permitting longer and deeper locations to be performed. The TX-10B offers the highest power within the Radiodetection product family. The TX-10B has the highest number of active and current direction frequencies of any of the Radiodetection TX family of transmitters, making it highly suitable to pair with the RD8100PTL or the RD8000PTLM which can be done in kit format if required for the highest number of active frequencies.

All models feature a three-stage phase sensitive amplifier that delivers a constant current across its entire bandwidth in direct connect, clamp or inductive modes.
The TX range is designed to deliver superior performance using minimal power consumption in a light weight and well-balanced, format. The transmitters are light-weight (2.9kg), well-balanced and IP54 rated to cope with demanding environmental conditions. Each model has a removable accessory tray and a weatherproof battery compartment. A large, high contrast, backlit LCD screen provides the user with clear information.

Based on a fully digital platform, the family of Radiodetection transmitters is able to support the full range of Radiodetection RD7100 and RD8100 cable, pipe and RF marker locators.

The TX-10B has the highest power capability of Radiodetection's signal transmitters. The TX-10B features Fault Find as standard, and the TX-5B and TX-10B have Bluetooth capability, which allows for remote control by a suitable locator. Fault find, as is found on this transmitter allows the user to couple the transmitter to an A-Frame in order to facilitate the location of current leakage faults in cables and pipe coatings, which indicate an insulation fault. With the A-Frame attachment, these faults can be pinpointed to an accuracy of up to 10cms with a suitable locator. The Radiodetection TX-10B also permits the use of more current direction frequencies than the standard TX-10, making it more versatile on a wider range of buried utilities, and it is suitable to use with any of the RD8100 and RD8000 ranges which have CD (current direction) as a feature.

Applying a locate signal is possible by either direct connection, utilising a signal clamp or by wireless induction, by placing the transmitter on the ground over the buried service


  • Highest Output Power - 10 watts
  • Bluetooth (iLOC) for remote control by the locator
  • Eco Mode - User can limit power output
  • Boost Function
  • Fault Find - Allows insulation faults to be pinpointed
  • 14 Current Direction Frequencies
  • 36 Active Frequencies
  • 8 Induction Frequencies
  • High Voltage Output (30V or 90V) for high impedance loacates
  • Optional Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery Pack
  • Multimeter Mode
  • Clear LCD Display
  • Built in Tool Tray
  • IP65 rated
  • Can utilise direct connect, signal clamp or wireless induction modes