Schonstedt SPOT is a magnetic detector that can detect the ferro magnetic field of ferromagnetic objects, such as iron and steel. It works by responding to the difference in magnetic field between two sensors. The sensors are placed 20 inches apart approximately. Schonstedt SPOT is built for rough terrain and severe weather, offering a compact and reliable package.

The magnetic detector is very easy and simple to use. The user doesn’t require any training in particular to be able to make most of the Schonstedt SPOT. With single hand use for detecting buried iron and steel objects and utilities, the user can carry out other activities at the same time. Due to its sleeker, light weight design and accurate detection, it becomes very easy for the user to carry the detector and locate an object. Making it simple, compact and precise.

The controls for the SPOT magnetic detector are user friendly. The sensitivity can also be adjusted as per the requirement of the survey. The sensitivity can be increased to detect smaller objects at greater depths and can be decreased for detecting larger objects at shallow depths. And yet the accuracy is not compromised. It can locate objects up to 18ft (5.5 meters) underground.

The sensors used in Schonstedt SPOT works precisely and indicate detection via variation in tones. Higher frequency tone represents stronger signal while lower frequency tone indicates weaker signal. The SPOT magnetic locator uses a 9-volt battery, which is simple to replace, as the detector prompts when the battery is low.

Schonstedt SPOT is applicable in varieties of industries like public works, construction and evacuation, utility companies, facilities management and water/sewer companies among others. And can locate objects like manholes, septic tanks, well casting, barbed wire, cast-iron pipes, steel drums etc. But doesn’t respond to aluminium, copper, brass and gold. Rated IP54, Schonstedt SPOT is dust and water resistant, waterproof up to 27” (58cm) from the bottom tip. Making it convenient to use in any environment.

Key Features:

  • High accuracy
  • 24 hours battery life
  • Easy battery replacement
  • Uses standard 9-volt battery
  • Audio feedback
  • HeliFlux Sensors
  • Single handed operation
  • Locates objects 18ft (5.5 meters) underground
  • 7 years warranty
  • Dust and water resistant – Rated IP54
  • Includes soft case and sling