The Testrite T-1050 is an easy to use digital insulation resistance tester (megohmmeter) with selectable test voltages of 250V, 500V and 1000V. In addition it can also measure AC and DC voltage, resistance, and continuity (with an audible buzzer). The T-1050 is both lightweight and compact and offers the user a very simple interface for easy and quick testing. A large LCD display with segmented bargraph (for analogue type measurements) is both functional and easy to read. The Testrite T-1050 has a large bright yellow test button which can be locked in place for up to three minutes, should the user prefer hands-free operation, or be required to do a timed insulation resistance test, and on releasing the test button, the circuit under test is automatically discharged to ensure no capacitive voltage remains in the circuit.

The T-1050 is useful for a wide range of insulation resistance testing on cables, motors, transformers and switchgear, and is supplied complete in a carry case with test leads, crocodile clips, probes, user manual and batteries.


  • Selectable test voltages of 250V, 500V and 1000V
  • Insulation resistance measurements up to 4,000 Megohms
  • Low resistance and continuity readings of up to 4,000 Ohms
  • AC and DC voltage of up to 600V
  • Continuity audible signalling
  • Data hold for freezing of results on display
  • Lockable large test button
  • Automatic discharge of circuit on releasing test button
  • Low battery indication
  • Large easy to read LCD display with bar graph
  • Supplied complete with leads and case