The Wohler BC600 blower check makes the process of testing a building for leaks as part of an energy efficiency or fire alarm testing process much easier than previously possible. The whole process is reduced to just a few straightforward steps and the new time saving installation process coupled with the innovative measuring method allows you to carry out building air tightness checks as easily and as accurately as never before.

The Wohler BC600 blower check takes away the annoying elements of blower door measurement such as having to use different flow rings for various flow rates and time consuming fan adjustments and removes them from the equation. The Wohler BC600 is able to carry out all required measurements after easy installation, meaning more accurate results in less time. The Wohler BC600 unlike many other systems can be installed in a window frame, meaning that it is no longer necessary to carry a frame onto the job site, but also all doors can be measured directly. However, for those who prefer to use the blower door more coventionally, the optional frame can be purchased and used.

Once the BC600 is inserted into position using the innovative clamping system, the entire measurement is controlled by a smartphone or a tablet completely wirelessly. The app will guide you through the measurement process, and will also remind you of necessary actions and steps along the way. Up to date measurement data is streamed from the BC600 right to your phone or tablet allowing you to move freely around the building whilst performing measurements as was never before possible. The app is a free download for both Android, iOS and Windows 10 devices such as PC's and laptops, eliminating the need to purchase expensive software licences and ensuring that the ongoing cost of using the BC600 is minimal.

The BC600 can also perform simple leakage tests without the use of an app if required to do so. The device automatically regulates the desired differential pressure. Various guidelines and standards, including ISO9972 and EN13829 as well as other country specific standards are stored in the app, and from there you can select the required one. Alternatively, it is also possible to custom define your own limit values.

At the end of the measurement process, an individually customisable measurement report can be sent directly to your customer, straight from the app.

Key Features:

  • Innovative and time saving installation process.
  • Easy to transport and carry on to various sites.
  • Blower fan automatically changes direction for negative and positive pressure measurements - no need to adjust during thes test.
  • Large air flow range of 15m3/h to 6,000m3/h without any additional orifices or flow rings.
  • Integrated temperature, absolute pressure and relative humidity.
  • Intuitive app for complete control including evaluation, report generation and customer management.
  • Fully automatic and integrated blower door measurement solution.
  • Determines air tightness of buildings according to EN ISO9972, EN13829 and country sepcific standards.
  • Search for leaks in buildings.
  • Detect faults caused by construction defects or quality issues.
  • Complete testing, evaluation and documentation on site.
  • Performs a series of positive and negative pressure measurements without the need to turn the fan around.
  • Allows direct control of instrument for simple leak testing without the app.
  • Automatic generation of PDF measurement certificate as well as sending to customer or other third parties from the free app.
  • No expensive software purchase is required - free app offers complete control and reporting capability (Android, iOS and Windows 10).
  • Up to 4 Wohler BC600 devices can be combined and controlled at the same time for larger buildings.


  • Building Leak Testing
  • Energy Efficiency Testing
  • Fire Alarm Testing
  • HVAC Testing
  • Air Leakage Detection
  • Finding Construction Faults and Defects
  • Identify Insulation Faults
  • Stairwell Pressurisation Testing
  • Reducing Energy Costs due to Leakage of Cool or Warm Air