The NEW Lancaster Pro-ST is a low cost wire map tester which tests and certifies structured cabling continuity to a TIA568A/B , USOC and ISDN standards. The new Lancaster Pro-ST displays on screen wiring configurations showing the length of all 4 pairs and length of pair to fault up to 150m (500ft).

The LanCaster Pro-ST will store up to 1000 test results which can be viewed or be downloaded to a PC via the LanCaster Pro-ST software (provided). test results can then be customised with you corporate identity and certificates produced displaying the customer's location/job, length, cable VP and testing standard .

Maintaining all the proven features of the LanCaster, the LanCaster Pro-ST identifies all common faults on wiring schemes installed to TIA568A/B USOC and ISDN standards including open circuit wires, shorted pairs, shorts between pairs , crossed pairs , split pairs , pair reversals and shield /screen continuity.

In addition the LanCaster Pro-ST has a large backlit screen.

As with the standard LanCaster the Pro-ST can check installed wiring networks , alerting the operator if any telephone services are active on the cable test and can test for and indicate any other active services (10mb/s, 100mb/s, token ring etc. to prevent accidental testing of a live network. In addition, a built in tone generator (oscillator) transmits a warble tone into the cable enabling detection and tracing using a standard probe.

The LanCaster Pro-ST comes complete with one intelligent remote office identifier with a further 15 units available as optional accessories, unlike far end units on many competitor products the Lancaster Pro-ST remotes are intelligent and indicate if the test has passed or failed.


  • Certifies cable continuity to TIA568A/B 
  • Records 1000 test results/view or download to pc 
  • Large 128 x 64 pixel LCD with backlight 
  • Multi-lingual customisable certification software 
  • Displays time and date for recording test data 
  • Measures length of all 4 pairs 
  • 150m (500ft) measuring range 
  • Voltage warning and test inhibit 
  • Indicates all common wiring faults 
  • Measures and identifies length to fault 
  • Graphical display gives unambiguous fault indication 
  • Complete with 1 active remote unit and test leads 
  • Up to 16 unique intelligent remote unit identifiers 
  • Up to 7 hours continuous battery life