The FaultCaster™ from BI Communications is a hand held Digital Time Domain Reflectometer (TDR), designed to detect and locate faults on all types of copper cable up to a distance of 2000m (6,000ft).

Fast-Edge Step TDR technology enables the FaultCaster™ to identify opens and short circuits, and directly indicate the fault distance on an alpha-numeric LCD, with better range and resolution than existing products.

An internal library of standard cable types enables accurate measurements on cables without the necessity of entering Velocity Factor information.

In the event that the FaultCaster™ is connected to a live cable a warning will be displayed, and alarm tone sounded and testing inhibited.

The FaultCaster™ incorporates an oscillating tone generator, that is detectable using a standard tone probe, for use in the tracing and identification of pairs within a cable.

It is housed in a tough, ruggedised ABS plastic moulding, water and dust proof to IP54, and supplied complete with test leads and a protective tool-belt holster.

The FaultCaster™ is designed and manufactured to international standards for quality, safety and reliability.


  • Low Cost Full specification Professional Digital TDR
  • Measures Distances to Open or Short Circuit Faults
  • Extended Measuring Range to 2000m (6000ft) on all cable types
  • Fast-Edge Step TDR technology for improved range & Resolution
  • Voltage Warning & Test Inhibit
  • Built in Tone Generator for Pair Tracing & Identification
  • Rugged & Compact - 350g (12oz) 
  • Water & Dust Proof to IP54
  • Complete with Tool-belt holster and Test Leads