The Testrix TX-30S is an upgraded pipe inspection camera system, offering a number of upgrades from our entry level TX-30 system. Although built around the same framework, the Testrix TX-30S offers a number of upgraded features which make the TX-30S particularly useful for inspections in underground plumbing systems, pipes, tanks and other applications where the position of the camera is important.

This is a fully self-contained inpection camera system, which is contained in a hard field case, made from engineering grade polymers which offers a dust and waterproof solution for the equipment. The TX-30S is still small and light enough to be easily carried onto a job site and easily deployed with the minimum amount of effort.

The 23mm camera head which is fitted as standard to the Testrix TX-30S is built from industrial grade alloys which makes it both light and robust, and we use sapphire glass for the lens cover, due to it's extremely hard wearing and scratch resistant properties. The camera head used in this system also has a built in sonde, which emits a 512Hz signal and permits it's position and depth to be pinpointed with a suitable service locator from the surface, up to depths of around 5 metres. This feature makes the TX-30S system an intelligent choice for applications where the position and depth of a problem, or detail in a pipe or plumbing system is required.

For lighting inside dark pipes and cavities, 12 ultra bright LED's are positioned around the camera head and these are able to be controlled from the head unit by the operator to ensure that the correct amount of lighting is used. We use IP68 rated cameras on the majority of our inspection camera systems, meaning that the camera head is waterproof and can be submerged.

This inpsection camera utilises the lightweight 30 metre long fibreglass push rod, which is a single piece pushrod coated in waterproof PVC. to maintain distance with the camera, but at 5mm in diameter, there is still sufficient flexibility in order to get the job done. The hand held reel is manufactured from stainless steel and engineering plastics to maintain a lighter frame and allow a single user to deploy the camera into a pipe, sewer or drain with the minimum amount of effort. Having the hand reel also allows us to self-contain the entire system in a single hard ABS field case for that extra portability.

Video is displayed in real time on the larger 9 inch colour screen, and the system can save video and still images to either SD card or USB for viewing later, or sending to customers as part of an inspection report.

Key Features:

  • Fully self contained pipe inpsection system
  • 30 metre single piece fibreglass push rod
  • 23mm camera head manufactured from industrial grade components
  • Integrated 512Hz transmitting sonde for pinpointing underground location
  • On screen distance counter
  • 9 inch colour screen with sun shade for viewing real time video stream
  • Saves videos and still images to SD card for viewing, analysis and reporting
  • Integrated QWERTY keyboard for writing notes on screen
  • Large 120 degreee viewing angle to capture more detail
  • 12 ultra bright adjustable LED lights for customised lighting
  • Built in rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery for over 4 hours of operation
  • 5mm diameter pushrod for added distance, whilst maintianing flexibility
  • Ingress protection rated to IP68
  • Housed in a hard field case manufactured from high grade engineering polymer