The Testrix TX-14 is a fully self-contained small diameter pipe inspection camera inspection system, built around one of our smallest 14mm cameras, but also is capable of undertaking inpspections in a variety of pipes, tanks and applications where video inspections are essential to investigate internal blockages, damages and condition monitoring in various industries.

Offering a 30 metre long fibreglass push rod cable as standard, this inpsection camera system is housed in a hard and durable field case, constructed from high grade engineering polymer which offers a waterproof solution to keep the system components protected, but it is still light enough and small enough to be carried onto a job site and deployed quickly and easily into most plumbing or drainage systems or pipelines.

The Testrix TX-14 is supplied with a 14mm camera head, which simply screws into the end of the single piece push rod and is rated at IP68, for maximum ingress protection. For inspecting dark environments inside smaller pipes and cavities, we have fitted the camera head with 6 ultra bright LED lights for illumination, which are fully adjustable by the operator at the contol box, which allows the lighting level to be fully customised to the environment.

The push rod itself is manufactured from fibreglass with a thick PVC outer coating, giving a diameter of 5mm, which allows the camera to be pushed over distance, but still maintains enough flexibility to manoeuvre the vast majority of pipe bends. To maintain convenience of operation, and keep the weight low, we developed a hand reel whch allows the sytem to be deployed into pipes with great ease. The added advantage of the hand reel is that all components will fit into the field case, making the system fully self-contained.

Video is displayed in real time on the 7 inch colour screen, and the system can save video and still images for viewing later, or sending to customers as part of an inspection report. The 14mm camera is manufactured from an aluminium alloy outer casing, which offers durability, low weight and is corrosion free, and we protect the lens with a sapphire glass cover which is used due to the extreme hardness of this material. Sapphire glass is more expensive than mineral glass, which is fitted to many systems, but it withstands scratching and damage in tough environments and offers far better protection to the camera head. We fit a bendable spring to the rear of the camera, which allows it to traverse bends with relative ease.

Key Features:

  • Fully self contained pipe inpsection system
  • 30 metre single piece fibreglass push rod
  • 14mm camera head manufactured from industrial grade components
  • Optional 512Hz transmitting sode for easy and fast location and pinpointing
  • 7 inch colour screen with sun shade for viewing real time video stream
  • Saves videos and still images to SD card for viewing, analysis and reporting
  • Large 120 degreee viewing angle to capture more detail
  • 6 ultra bright adjustable LED lights for customised lighting
  • Built in rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery for over 4 hours of operation
  • 5mm diameter pushrod for added distance, whilst maintianing flexibility
  • Ingress protection rated to IP68