The DUSPOL analog is a voltage tester which has been tested and approved according to the new international standard for voltage testers.

The device indicates direct and alternating voltages (DC and AC) by means of high contrast display and by means of a solenoid operated voltage indicator.

The voltage is indicated in the steps of 12, 24, 50, 120, 230, 400, 500 and 750 V. You can also perform polarity tests with direct voltage (DC) and single pole phase tests with alternating voltage (AC). The DUSPOL analog is also equipped with a special function to test the phase sequence of a three phase  mains. The user has to press the two membrane buttons to connect the solenoid operated voltage indicator.

The dust and splash proof device complies with protection class IP64 making it suitable for use in harsher environments.


  • Bright high contrast LED display.
  • Various voltage steps 12,24,50,120, 230, 400 and 750 V.
  • IP64 protection standard.
  • Solenoid operated indicator (plunger system)
  • CAT IV safety rating.
  • Meets international standards.
  • Phase sequence indication via LED display.
  • Suitable for frequency 0-60 Hz.
  • Professional quality.