The Duspol Expert is a voltage tester which has been tested and approved according to the new international standard for voltage testers. The device indicates both AC and DC voltage by means of high contrast LED's.

The voltage is indicated in steps of 12, 24, 50, 120, 230, 400 and 750 V. You can perform polarity tests with DC voltage and single pole phase tests with AC voltage.The Duspol Expert is equipped with a special function for continuity and semiconductor tests up to 200 KΩ and a function to test the phase sequence of three phase mains (liquid crystal display). The continuity and semiconductor test is done by means of both visual indication via a high contrast LEDand acoustic indication via a test buzzer. A very bright LED is intended to illuminate the masuring point very precisely in case of unfavourable light conditions.The load connection occurs via the two membrane buttons, thus the measuring point is loaded with a maximum testing current of Is< 200 mA in order to suppress inductive and capacitive voltages.

By pressing the two membrane buttons, the vibrating motor is activated. The vibrating power of this motor increases proportionally to the applied voltage. The vibrating power indicates the level of applied testing voltage.


  • CAT IV Safety Rating
  • Bright LEDs indication of voltage
  • Various voltage steps 12, 24, 50, 120, 230, 400 and 750 V.
  • Suitable for 0-60 Hz frequency
  • Phase sequence test via LCD display.
  • Measuring point flashlight
  • Push button membranes eradicates ghost voltages
  • Vibrating indication of voltage
  • IP64 protection class
  • High precision instrument
  • German engineering and quality.