The MGD-2002 gas detector is used for leak detection in pressurised system using the tracer gas method. Both hydrogen and helium can be used as a tracer gas, as they are both lighter than air enabling them to penetrate small leakage points rapidly. These gases can pass through the densest soils and pavements quickly, enabling the leak to be pinpointed easily with the detector. The MGD-2002 is a portable device and is supplied as a kit ready for field use. With detection capabilities as low as 25PPM, the MGD-2002 can detect even small leaks in buried pipes and cavities.

Leak detection is possible in a range of underground pipes, tanks, cables, and cavities in automatic or manual modes and the MGD-2002 works equally well with helium or a hydrogen / nitrogen mix tracer gas. Because of the sensitivity of the MGD leak detector, helium can be mixed with ambient air in larger volume systems in order to reduce the cost of use. Because helium is non-polluting, non-reacting and safe to use, it makes it the ideal tracer gas to use in critical systems.

A rechargeable Ni-MH battery allows up to 8 hours of use per charge, and the MGD-2002 can be recharged with either the mains adpater or automotive adaptors included in the kit, and with only a 30 second power on and self test, the MGD-2002 is ready for use as quickly as you need it to be.

In order to locate a leak with the MGD-2002, the system is emptied and then pressurised with tracer gas. A ground probe is used to locate and pinpoint the leak by placing it's rubber cup on the ground over the system and reading the results on the digital display. Tracer gas will rise to the surface over a period of time (depending on the material and conditions) and can pass through soil, clay, concrete and pavement, enabling the position of the leak to be located and pinpointed.

Key Features:

  • Pinpoint accuracy with sensitivity as low as 25PPM (0.0025%) concentration
  • Automatic (survey) mode or manual mode
  • Can use either Helium (recommended) or Hydrogen / Nitrogen mix as a tracer gas
  • Field replaceable moisture removing cartridge in wand
  • Lightweight, telescopic ground probe with boot
  • Rechargeable Ni-MH battery for up to 8 hours of use per charge
  • Back lit LCD display Headphone jack for audible monitoring
  • Time-lapse bar graph display
  • Moisture indicator in wand
  • Tactile membrane keypad


  • Air, gas and liquid piping systems
  • Under slab and buried piping systems
  • Buried water services
  • Welds, joints, seams, gaskets
  • Aircraft systems
  • Medical device testing
  • Refrigeration systems
  • Environmental testing
  • Tanks and vessels