The Testrix Aqua-Loc is our state of the art acoustic leak detector, which can be used to detect water leaks in underground outdoor and indoor pipes in a wide range of applications including plumbing systems, heating systems and other pressured pipe systems. The Aqua-Loc acoustic leak detector system allow the point of leakage to be traced by collecting the ultrasound elements of the leak and and digitally processing this signal through the head unit, displaying the results on a large graphical screen, while simultaneously passing the audible signal to the headphones.

Using the latest ground microphone, the position of the leak can be pinpointed as the acoustic signal will be at the highest at the closest point to the leak. The large LCD display also shows the spectrum of the acoustic signal, making pinpointing of the leak and filtering out unwanted parts of the acoustic signal easier. When operating the Testrix Aqua-Loc, the operator watches the display which can be done either by either wearing the headphones or leaving them off and identifies the strongest acoustic signal by the height of the signal bars on the screen. This permits fast and easy isolation of the peak signal by the push of a button to remove any other background noise. By following the path of the pipe, the user locates the leak by identifying the position of the strongest signal.

For locating leaks in underground or buried pipes, the position of the pipe needs to be knowm, so to do that, a cable and pipe locator set such as the Testrix U-Loc can be used to detect the position of the pipe, which can be marked on the ground, allowing the user to follow it's path and identify the position of the leak.

Acoustic leak detectors, such as the Aqua-Loc offer distinct advantages over other methods of leak detection, as unlike tracer gas systems, the pipe does not need to be drained and pressured with tracer gas. The Testrix Aqua-Loc means that the drilling of holes can be prevented in many cases, and it offers a simple and fast method of leak location in pipes, as well as a distinct cost advantage.

Key Features:

  • Simple and fast method of leak detection in hidden and buried pipes
  • No tracer gas required
  • Can be used in a wide range of applications
  • Extra large grpahical display for pinpointing of leaks
  • Real time moving display
  • Digital signal processing for increased accuracy
  • Sound filtering eliminates background noise
  • Ground listening microphone and accessories included