The MIKO-10 is a small 10A micro-ohmmeter, capable of performing a range of low resistance tests in various applications and having a wide range of functions and a high accuracy of +/-0.2%. With a test current of up to 10A, the MIKO-10 affords fast and easy resistance measurements on circuit breakers and switchboards, contact resistance of switchgear, relays and electrical contacts, welded, bolted and braked joints, railway connections, electric motors, generators and various other objects where low resistance measurements are required to be taken.

One of the unique features of the MIKO-10 is it's ultra compact size, which allows for a level of portability not usually found in this type of instrument. It is possible to wear the instrument on the arm for hands free operation, or as an alternative, the MIKO-10 can also be worn around the neck, or the waist as well as rested on a flat surface and at only approximately 500 grams, unrivalled transportation in the field is possible.

Measurements with the MIKO-10 can be performed in 3 modes:

AUTO MODE is used for resistance measurements on most applications and eliminates the need to press the START button. As soon as the test probes make contact with the object under test, the measurement is started automatically

SINGLE MODE is operated by the user connecting the test leads and pressing the START button to commence the measurement

INTEGRATED CURRENT TRANSFORMER MODE is designed to make resistance measurements of high voltage equipment, such as a high voltage circuit breaker with integrated current transformer

As well as having a test current of up to 10A, the MIKO-10 also has a number of other features, which make it desirable to many of it's users, including:

Automatic compensation for thermoelectric effects in the measurement circuit Automatic power off Integrated checking of the measuring circuit Automatic measurement start once the integrity of the measurement circuit is detected Built in alarm, which sounds at the start and the end of the measurement process

Australian conditions can be harsh, so the MIKO-10 can be operated in temperatures from as low as -20C to +55C without impacting the declared accuracy of the meter of 0.2%. A built-in rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery is capable of powering the MIKO-10 for over 1,000 measurements, and only takes up to 3 hours to charge from empty to full power.

The on board memory can store up to 100 measurements, which can be downloaded to a PC or laptop computer through the integrated USB connection on the instrument.

The MIKO-10 is supplied as a full kit, ready for field use and includes a 1.7m test lead set with kelvin clips (50mm jaws), AC mains charger, arm straps, USB cable, a shunt resistor (for quick verification of correct operation)

Key Features:

  • Test current of up to 10A
  • Very small size and weight (165 x 100 x 60mm and just 500 grams)
  • Built in rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery (full charge can perform over 1,000 measurements at maximum current)
  • Monochrome graphic display
  • Multiple operating modes for measurements in various applications
  • Automatic thermal EMF compensation in the circuit under test
  • Built in circuit continuity integrity test
  • Automatic measurement start (on successful continuity test)
  • Audible alarm at the start and end of the measurement
  • Auto power off
  • Easy to use and ultra lightweight, making it exceptionally portable
  • Built in memory stores up to 100 test results
  • USB interface allows downloading of results for analysis and report generation
  • Various optional test cables
  • Operation in a wide range of weather conditions
  • 2 Years warranty