The MIKO-21 is a precision high current micro-ohmmeter capable of delivering a test current of up to 200A, making it suitable for a wide range of industrial applications where low resistance measurements need to be accurately taken, such as sub stations, transformers, high voltage switchgears, earth bonding and welding seams.

The MIKO-21 ductor tester provides the ability to measure resistances between 0.1µO and 2.0 O  with an accuracy of 0.05%. This can be performed across selectable test current ranges of 10A, 50A, 100A or 200A or, for added precision, test currents can be manually set from 1 - 200A (1A increments). A full colour touchscreen with on screen keyboard offers excellent control and functionality of the meter. Test results can also be saved to PC or USB flash drive for analysis and reporting in the included PC software.

The main feature of the MIKO-21 is it's small size and low weight of only 3.3kgs. Coupled with the built in Lithium Ion battery, which can provide up to 8 hours of continuous power from an approximately 2 hour charge, the MIKO-21 offers unrivalled portability and ease of use for a low resistance tester with up to 200A of test current.

The MIKO 200A micro-ohmmeter has automatic test current configuration and provides periodic functionality which can be set at pre-specified time measurement intervals, allowing “hands-free” recording.

This device has 4 measurement modes, which can automatically conduct measurements, depending on the measurement profile required by the user

SINGLE: The measurement is started by the user pressing the START button on the device to conduct a test.

AUTO SINGLE: Intended for situations where a single start of the measurement process is required upon closing of the measurement circuit. Activation is via the START button.

PERIODIC: Automatically starts the measurement with a set time period after pressing the START button.

AUTO PERIODIC CIRCUIT: Activated via the START button, the measurement is started by closing the measurement circuit (connecting the probes) which then starts a continuous measurement.

Featuring a Lithium-Ion battery and an internal memory for up to 2000 measurements, the MIKO-21 provides a portable solution to ductor testing. It is supplied in a rugged IP67 rated case (with lid closed), ideal for industrial applications.


  • High test current of up to 200A
  • Fully programmable
  • Full colour graphic touchscreen with on screen keyboard
  • Four measurement starting modes
  • Three modes for different measurement characteristics
  • Small and lightweight for easy transportation
  • On board Lithium Ion battery (up to 8 hours continuous power)
  • On board memory for up to 2,000 measurements
  • Save to PC or USB flash drive
  • PC software for measurement analysis and reporting
  • Range of probes and lengths available to suit
  • Warranty period - 3 years


  • Ground connections and continuity measurement
  • Resistance measurements on motors and transformers
  • Contact resistance measurements on breakers and switches
  • Component measurement
  • Electrical cable resistance measurement
  • Mechanical bond tests cable to terminal connections
  • Aircraft and rail bonds
  • Welding seams