The Radiodetection 100mm transmitter clamp is designed to apply a transmitter signal to a specific cable or pipe, without interrupting the supply. The transmitter signal clamp is particularly useful where direct connection is not possible. The signal clamp plugs into the transmitter directly and by using a signal of 8kHz or greater, can be utilised to induce a signal safely down a cable or pipe.

Clamp Method

This particular transmitter clamp model has a diameter of 100mm and is to be used in conjunction with Radiodetection's precision locator series (Tx-1, Tx-5 and Tx-10 transmitters).  This includes the RD7000, RD8000, RD7100, RD8100, RD7200 and RD8200 ranges. Other transmitter clamp sizes available include 50mm, 130mm and 215mm.


  • 100mm clamp diameter
  • Safely applies transmitter signal down a live cable or pipe
  • Useful for where direct connection is not possible
  • No interruption to supply