The Radiodetection FlexiTrace is a small diameter rod which is held on an A-frame for easy deployment into a non-metallic duct or pipe and can be energised with a suitable transmitter. Using a suitable cable or pipe locator, such as a Radiodetection C.A.T4+, RD2000 or any of the precision locators, the operator can apply a signal across the full length of the FlexiTrace to locate the position and depth of a buried conduit or pipe, which otherwise may not be able to be located. A built in sonde on the far end of the rod allows for accurate depth and position location, which is useful in applications, such as locating a collapse or blockage in a pipe or duct, or purely identifying it's depth and path. The FlexiTrace is available in both 50 metre and 80 metre long versions.


  • Single piece, robust plastic rod wound onto an A-frame and reel
  • Can be energised with a suitable transmitter
  • Can fit into pipes and ducts as small as 12mm diameter
  • Works with any suitable locator system
  • Hard wearing metallic construction for harsher environments
  • Built in sonde for locating depth and position with greater accuracy
  • Allows non-metallic services to be located