The 890PR Three Phase tester is a non-contact phase sequence and rotation tester, utilising a non-contact inductive method for detecting both phase sequence, which shows the prescence of phases, allowing the user to verify all phases are connected, and that no open phases are present, and phase rotation, which will show the user that all phases are connected in the correct order, which is useful when connecting and servicing motors and any equipment which is designed to be connected in the correct sequence to the three phase mains. This cuts down time and allows for verification of correct connection before any load is connected to the mains.

The main feature of the 890PR is the ability to measure phases without contacting any live parts. The user simply clamps the three clamps onto each cable over the insulation and reads the status by way of bright LED's, which have user adjustable intensity for taking readings either outdoors in bright sunlight, or inside dark plantrooms and distribution boards. After switching on the device with the soft touch power button, the 890PR will automatically perform an LED status test to ensure all LED's are functioning correctly before use and it will automatically power off after 5 minutes if not connected to a live circuit. Once powered on, the user does not need to operate any other test buttons, as once the colour coded clamps are connected to the corresponding cables, the 890PR will automatically display the presence of three phases on the three "power on" LED's and will also display the direction of phase rotation with a clockwise or counterclockwise LED and a phase rotation map, showing the phase sequence. An audible buzzer signals the user with an intermittent tone for clockwise rotation, and a continuous tone for counterclockwise (incorrect) rotation. The 890PR has four built in magnets, located on the rear of the instrument for hands free use.


  • Non-Contact technology prevents connection to live parts
  • Works on circuits from 75V to 1000VAC
  • Compatible with frequencies from 45-65Hz
  • Safety rating of CAT IV 600V / CAT III 1000V
  • Adjustable LED's show open phases and phase sequence / rotation.
  • Audible buzzer indicates direction of phase rotation along with LED's
  • Auto power off after 5 minutes of non-detection
  • Hanging magnets on back of unit for hands free use
  • LED status check when unit is switched on
  • Colour coded cable clamps fix onto cable insulation
  • Ergonomic user friendly design
  • Automatically detects phases and rotation - no test button to operate
  • Safest way to check for open phases and phase rotation / sequence

The 890PR is supplied complete in a carry pouch with cable clamps, user manual, batteries and calibration protocol.