The 188FFF is a fuse and circuit breaker identifier, comprising of a transmitter and a receiver. This device works by drawing it's power from the circuit under test to power the transmitter, which is plugged in. The receiver picks up the 10kHZ signal current and is able to identify the appropriate circuit breaker or fuse.

This is a very easy to use tester, which is supplied in a carrying pouch and requires only one 9V battery (supplied) to power the receiver.  The transmitter is plugged in and switched on and the user sweeps the receiver across the switchboard.  Once the 9 LED bar graph lights and the buzzer sounds, the sensitivity is reduced in order to zoom in on the correct circuit breaker or fuse and correctly identify it. The 188FFF can also be used to diagnose circuit faults.


  • Easily identify circuit breakers and fuses on single phase electrical circuits
  • Transmitter draws power from the circuit under test
  • 9 LED bar graph for signal strength display
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Tapered end on receiver for exact location of fuses and breakers
  • Cuts down time and effort
  • Locates breakers and fuses for correct identification
  • Lightweight and ergonomic