The TEKON 570 power quality analyser is a new, innovative touch screen device, suitable for monitoring and recording a multitude of power quality measurements in a wide range of both single phase and three phase electrical networks. Incorporating a large 7 inch colour touch screen, the TEKON 570 also offers a lightweight design maximising user convenience, and fitting into tight spaces.

Using both a modern innovative design and user experience, the TEKON 570 takes professional power quality analysers to a new level. Housed in a rubberised case, with a small footprint and a large colour touch screen allows the TEKON 570 to offer an extremely large screen to instrument ratio for display of key features, menus and measurement parameters. This gives the instrument a clear and concise overall experience, whilst maintaining a very easy to use and innovative user interface.

The TEKON 570 can be easily connected to an electrical network with on screen menu guidance and left to monitor a very wide range of electrical power measurements over an extended period of time, with data being automatically saved to the 8GB micro SD card. Additionally to the on screen colur display of these measurements, the user can transfer the recorded data to a PC or laptop computer for analysis and reporting with the included software program.

Key Features:

  • Measures power and electrical parameters at the same time
  • On screen display of how to conduct measurements on the touchscreen
  • 7 inch colour touch screen LCD for easier display of measurements and analyses
  • On screen touch functions provides menus via innovative user interface
  • Can work on single and three phase electrical networks
  • Supports a wide range of wiring configurations (single phase 2 wire, single phase 3 wire, three phase 3 wire and three phase 4 wire)
  • EN50160 Report Output
  • Environmental temperature and humidity measurement

Supplied as a complete kit with test eads, flexible current clamp (200mm diameter), power adapter, rechargeable Lithium battery, USB cable, 8GB micro SD card, carry bag, PC software and user manual

Optionally, a range of other current clamps are available for use with the TEKON 570, both flexible clamps and rigid clamps for both AC and DC systems.

Simultaneously measures:

  • Active Power
  • Reactive Power
  • Apparent Power
  • Power Factor
  • Active Energy
  • Inactive Energy
  • Consumed Energy
  • Generated Energy
  • Imbalance and Flicker
  • Measurement of harmonics (up to 50th order) and Total harmonic distortion
  • RMS Voltage (Peak and Crest Factor) up to 1,000V phase to neutral and 1,730V phase to phase
  • RMS Current (Peak and Crest Factor) up to 5,000VAC (1,000VDC with optional clamps)
  • Phase Angle
  • Neutral Line Current
  • Voltage and Current in Waveform and Phasor Diagrams
  • Analysis of the recorded data in accordance with EN50160
  • Capture and recording of power events (shut down, outage, increase and decrease)