The AEMC PEL-105 is an easy to use, single and three phase power and energy data logger, which is capable of monitoring power quality and energy consumption on an array of electrical distribution systems. Housed in a weatherproof case, the AEMC PEL-105 offers an IP67 rating with the probes connected, so can be used outdoors and is ideal for pole mounting.

Supplied complete with 4 flexible current sensors and 5 voltgage leads, the PEL-105 can be connected to both single phase and three phase electrical systems for power quality analysis, and it is also phase powered, meaning that the power analyser is powered from it's switchboard voltage connections, which eliminates the need to find a power outlet in order to keep the logger running and the backup battery charged.

A number of communication protocols, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LAN and Ethernet connections allow the PEL-105 to be monitored remotely from any location as well as locally, and the Android app, allows the PEL-105 to be configured, viewed and it's data captured without the operator being required to be in close proximity to mains voltages and currents. The built in USB port allows the data to be downloaded to a PC for customised reports to be produced with the included DataView software program.

Data captured by the PEL-105 is automatically saved to an SD card, allowing the memory to be expanded further if needed. The AEMC PEL-105 is designed for use by electricians, engineers and contractors engaged in power monitoring, load balancing and energy auditing, including energy efficiency and cost analysis.


  • Waterproof IP67 rated including the current sensors
  • 5 voltage and 4 current measurement inputs
  • Measures volts, amps, watts, VARs, kWh, power factor and harmonics out to the 50th
  • Track energy costs including time of use
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Class 1, USB, LAN and Ethernet communication built in
  • Powered from phase inputs up to 1000VAC or from a wall receptacle
  • User selectable storage rates and demand intervals
  • Pole mountable
  • Can be configured directly from the front panel, through the DataView® control panel or the free Android App
  • Satisfies the recommendations of NEC 220.87
  • Minimal programming required
  • Automatic recognition of the connected current sensors/probes
  • 1000V CAT IV
  • DataView® software for data storage, real-time display, analysis and report generation


  • Measures efficiency and finds areas for potential savings
  • Assign energy costs to departments or operations
  • Track peak demand periods and find opportunities for surcharge reductions
  • Determine present capacity and circumvent unnecessary electrical expansion costs