The TEKON 550 is a simple, easy to use power quality analyser, which is capable of measuring power quality in single phase electrical networks, as well as balanced three phase systems. The TEKON 550 power quality analyser can perform various measurements of power related parameters, whilst displaying key information on screen. The TEKON 550 can perform a range of measurement functions, whilst continuously data logging at the same time without stopping.

For single phase systems, the TEKON 550 can be quickly connected to commence monitoring of various parameters. Three phase systems must be balanced for the TEKON 550 to work properly (the TEKON 560 and TEKON 570 can work with unbalanced three phase systems).

Some of the power parameters which can be measured and recorded using the TEKON 550 are voltage, current, power (active, inactive and apparent), power factor, total harmonic distortion, harmonics (1-50th order), inrush current, and waveform. The TEKON 550 has a rechargeable battery which can power the instrument for up to 8 hours in the event of a power interruption.

Recordings can be downloaded from the TEKON 550 to a PC using the included Windows PC program for analysis and reporting to customers or stakeholders.

The TEKON 550 is supplied as a complete kit including the main instrument with removable NiMH rechargeable battery pack, voltage leads, power adapter, PC software program, user manual and 400A CT. An optional 1,000A current clamp can be supplied as an optional extra.

Key Features:

  • Single phase and three balanced Three-phase System measurement
  • Sequential measurement in Three-phase System
  • Easy to use Graphic Display
  • Trend recording (Voltage, Ampere-Current, Electricity Power)
  • 600V AC True RMS Measurement and Recording
  • 1000A AC True RMS Measurement and Recording
  • Voltage, Ampere (Current) - DC (offset) measurement
  • Simultaneous measurement of various Power Quality Parameters
  • Detection of Inrush Current and Half-period RMS Recording and Display
  • While various measurement data recording is proceeding, Trend- record function is activated
  • User can measure Total Energy and CO2 generation amount from User defined
  • Harmonic (~50th)measurement and recording
  • PC Software includes Recorded Data download, real time measurement display
  • Wireless (Bluetooth) Interface with PC.