The AEMC 5212 is a low cost, easy to use True RMS (TRMS) digital multimeter, offering a number of electrical measurement capabilities at a budget price. The 5212 multimeter also includes auto ranging measurements, allowing the user to select the measurement and the meter will apply the correct range to the measurement.

Featuring a 4000 count backlit LCD display, the AEMC 5212 multimeter can measure AC and DC voltage up to 600V, AC and DC current, resistance, continuity, diode test, capacitance and a non-contact voltage sensor and also is equipped with a MAX / MIN and display hold function for freezing of measurements.

The 5212 is housed in a removable holster, which contains a magnetic hanger and has been drop tested to a 2 metre threshold, ensuring that the 5212 is not only a simple to use multimeter, but is also rugged and suited to field use. With a 3 year warranty, this represents exceptional value for money.


  • True RMS (TRMS)
  • Non-Contact Voltage detection
  • Low input impedance voltage measurement (VLowZ) to help prevent "ghost" voltage from affecting the measurement
  • HOLD function
  • MAX/MIN function displays the maximum and minimum readings detected during a measurement session
  • ΔREL compares measurements to a user selected reference value.
  • Auto/Manual range selection
  • Backlight and flashlight
  • Multiple mounting options (stand, slot, magnet)
  • Sleep Mode for extending battery life


  • Measurement of electrical values including: voltage, resistance and capacitance
  • Continuity checking
  • Diode testing
  • Non-contact detection of network voltage