Designed for online Battery Capacity/Impedance Testing, Tenmars TM-6002 can be used frequently to identify individual weak cells before they fail. This makes it an ideal tester for automotive, UPS maintenance and telecommunication applications.

The TM-6002 measures and simultaneously displays the results of battery capacity, resistance, voltage, current and temperature measurements. With that data combined, the tester provides the best basis for evaluating the overall health of batteries, utilising the comparator function and showing the condition as Pass, Warning or Fail.

Key Features:

  • Battery Capacity: 0 to 500A / h.
  • Resistance Range: 40mΩ~40Ω
  • Measuring Frequency: 1KHz ±30Hz
  • DC Voltage Range: 4.000V / 40.00V (no AC Voltage input permitted)
  • DC Current Range: 700A
  • Manual Data Memory: 999 data sets
  • USB interface datalogger with 9999 records capacity
  • Comparator: Voltage , Impedance
  • Comparator: 0~99 records (high / low). For battery internal impedance, voltage
  • On-line testing with PASS, WARNING or FAIL calculations