The model 362 insulation resistance tester is a new range of industrial quality insulation resistance testers, manufactured to met the demands of professional users. While many hand held insulation resistance testers can measure up to 10 Giga Ohms, the 362 can measure up to a huge 400 Giga Ohms. Additionally, using the low resistance range, the 362 is capable of measuring to a resolution of 0.01 Ohm and also up to 200 M Ohms. With the ability to measure AC and DC voltage and continuity, the 362 insulation resistance tester is a versatile instrument. The datalogging software allows the instrument to log up to 16,000 records.

The 362 autoranging insulation resistance meter is a robust unit and is supplied compete with test leads, user documentation, USB cable, software and batteries in a carry pouch.


  • Measures up to 400 Giga Ohms
  • User selectable test voltage of 250V, 500V and 1000V
  • Autoranging for all functions
  • Large, backlit LCD display
  • 60 segment analog bargraph
  • Test lock function for ease of use
  • Easy to carry and robust
  • Low resistance measurements with 0.01 Ohm resolution
  • Ability to log results
  • PC software included