A professional level thermal imaging camera, with a 320 x 240 infrared resolution, the Testrix 325F-L49 is an all-rounder making an excellent choice for not only electrical and mechanical inspections, but it also lends itself well to building and pest inspections, due to the wide-angle lens meaning that scanning can be performed quickly and easily, making this thermal imaging camera the tool of choice for multi-industry use across a wider range of applications. With its wide field lens and 8 different colour palettes, the 325F-L49 can produce sharp, well-defined images with improved colour contrast.

Improved thermal sensitivity of just 40mK (0.04°C) allows the 325F to produce an image which highlights subtle temperature differences better than lower sensitivity thermal imagers, making it particularly useful in applications such as water leaks, termite inspections, building energy audits and a wide range of other industrial applications.

For the ultimate level of user control, the 325F-L49 has two modes of focus. Either the focus free mode can be selected, where no user intervention is required, and the thermal imaging camera eliminates the need to focus the target. In the second mode, the 325F utilises a manual focus, which gives the user manual control of the focusing, allowing finer details to be brought into focus, and targets at different distances in the same field of view to be individually selected and brough into sharp focus. This positions the 325F as a genuine all rounder for professional inspections in a wide range of applications.

Super Resolution (SR) image enhancement also comes as standard on the 325F which effectively quadruples the number of image pixels to give a 640 x 480-pixel image and enhance thermal report presentation and bring out finer details.  Additionally, its greater field of view (49° x 36.8°) along with its super resolution, contributes to the user having the ability to capture images of greater areas but with heightened clarity, facilitating a more thorough and accurate inspection service.

The 325F-L49 is supplied with the Testrix AnalyzIR software, making it easy to produce one-click automatic reports. During or after inspections, the user is able to create hands-free annotations by recording narrations using a Bluetooth headset and can then add written notes to recorded videos and pictures. Images can also be organised into groups based on their similar features, by scanning QR codes for automatic naming. Thermal images can be shared in JPEG format with embedded temperature values, and these are able to be transferred in only a few seconds via a memory card (64GB) or WiFi.

The 325F-L49 is a convenient and light-weight thermal imager, which makes thermal inspections an easy task. Its portable, durable and rugged design allows it to survive a 2m drop and it has earned it its IP54 rating for protection against dust and water spray. It has an approximate operational time of at least 4 hours and can simply be recharged with its 3.6V battery. With all of its quality features and its affordable price, the Testrix 325F-L49 is the ideal choice for many thermal imaging inspection needs. 

Key Features:

•    320 x 240 infrared resolution (76,800 pixels thermal image)
•    Super resolution (4x more pixels for a 640 x 480 – 307,200 pixels thermal image)
•    Thermal sensitivity of 40mK (0.04°C)
•    Built-in industrial 8MP visual camera
•    Selectable manual focus and focus free modes for enhanced control
•    Intelligent temperature range of -20°C to 650°C
•    Wide 49° x 36.8° field of view
•    8 colour palettes for improved thermal contrast in images (Grey, Iron, Rainbow, Grey-red, Rain, GlowBow, Medical, Prism)
•    Advanced thermal imaging algorithms for improved image analysis
•    Multiple measure modes (spot [6], line [1] and area rectangle/circle [4]). 
•    9 cm capacitive full colour touchscreen
•    Fast 30Hz refresh rate. 
•    Designed to withstand a 2 metre drop test
•    Rechargeable high-power Li-Ion battery with ≥4 hours operational time
•    Supplied with AnalyzIR analysis and reporting software. 

Supplied as a complete kit with a thermal imaging camera, soft pouch, hard transport case, user manual, calibration certificate, USB cable, micro-HDMI cable, memory card and reader, 2 rechargeable batteries and mains power adapter.