The Testrix Bluebird Mini PTH offers a mini pan and tilt camera with high-definition resolution and adds it to a self-contained fully integrated solution to your sewer, drain and pipe inspections. There is no need to carry separate components as the entire set up is self-contained in an easy to carry field case which houses the entire system, including the push rod cable in a single unit. Pipe inspection camera systems are no longer the bulky and heavy systems they once were and are an ever-increasing essential piece of equipment for correct inspection and diagnosis of blockages, and damages to drain and sewer pipes.

High-definition capabilities give the Testrix Bluebird Mini PTH a competitive edge over many other inspection camera systems as the HD videos and images are razor sharp, bringing out even smaller details, which may not be easily seen using standard definition video. On top of that, one of the smallest 28mm diameter pan and tilt camera heads offers the operator a full 360-degree view of the internal pipe structure for ease of locating and identifying defects.

This is a lightweight system, easy to transport and requires little to no set up. The operator has to simply carry it to the job site, open the case, attach the camera head and deploy it into the pipe. A touch of a button will start HD video recording and the whole inspection footage is displayed in real time on the 10.1-inch colour TFT display, which also displays menu items, and other information relating to the inspection, such as distance, time and date and status of key functions. In addition to high-definition videos, it is also possible to save HD still images, even with a video recording in progress for inclusion into survey reports.

This system also supports 8 levels of digital zoom, allowing the user to magnify small problems and highlight problem areas with ease, and with a built in rechargeable Li-Ion battery, the Bluebird Mini PTH will power on for approximately 4 hours on a single charge, but can also run on mains power if required. A built in QWERTY keyboard will permit the entry of text notes onto video and images for even greater levels of information relating to locations and types of problems or damages.

The push rod has been fully re-designed and increased in thickness from 5mm up to 6.5mm, whilst still maintaining flexibility. This affords better control when traversing pipes, and reduces the risk of unnecessary cable breakages, which are both inconvenient and costly due to lost revenue and ongoing repair costs. This new push rod cable was extensively tested before it was specified for use in the Bluebird MINI-PTH to ensure it could stand the rigours of day to day use, and that it would also be able to carry a HD video signal along it's 30 metre length without interference from external sources. The push rod is built into the unit and easily pulled out to feed into the pipe, which minimises coiled up cable on the job site, reducing the risk of tripping and breakage.

In designing the camera head, we have managed to reduce the diameter to only 28mm, which is exceptionally small for a pan and tilt system, making the Bluebird Mini PTH go into pipes as small as 40mm in diameter, which are smaller than the pipe systems usually accessible by other pan and tilt sewer camera systems. We use the latest Sony CMOS sensor, which offers low noise and excellent HD resolution. Waterproof to IP68 means that the camera can be submerged in water for inspection of waterlogged pipes, and the sapphire glass lens offers far greater scratch protection than the cheaper mineral glass used in some camera systems, which is fundamentally important when undertaking inspections in the presence of sediment, and grit.

With a total length of 290mm including the spring, the camera head is large enough to be robust, but still small enough to navigate smaller runs of pipe. There is also the option to specify this system with a second forward view 23mm diameter head for simpler inspections which do not require pan and tilt technology. 

Key Features:

  • HD resolution in an integrated system
  • 28 mm HD pan and tilt camera head
  • 10.1 inch colour TFT display
  • Built in rechargeable Lithium Ion battery
  • Able to run on mains power or battery
  • Integrated QWERTY keyboard for inserting comments
  • Recording of high resolution HD video and still images
  • Built in on screen distance counter
  • 30 metre push rod cable, fully enclosed within system
  • 8 Levels of digital zoom
  • Tactile touch keypad for controlling all key features
  • Thicker 6.5 mm diameter push rod cable for improved control and distance
  • IP68 rated camera head (waterproof and dust tight)
  • 512 Hz integrated transmitting sonde in camera head for easy location of position and depth
  • Completely integrated in one field case for ease of transport and fast deployment
  • Optional forward view 23mm camera head