The Benning SUN 2 can be utilised for design, commissioning and inspection of solar PV arrays to measure irradiance and temperature of solar panels and solar thermal systems, and can also measure orientation of the panels, with it's built-in compass and also the angle of inclination can be measured. Irradiance can be measured in both W/m2 or BTU/h/ft2. Both panel temperature and ambient temperature can be taken, as the SUN 2 is a two-channel instrument with dual temperature sensors. The 4-in-1 capabilities of the SUN 2 allows for efficiency analysis of PV and solar thermal systems. The data logging function of the SUN 2 permits an adjustable sampling rate of 1 minute to 60 minutes and for the storage of up to 5,000 data points including solar irradiation, panel temperature, ambient temperature and a time/date stamp with a real time clock. The SUN 2 can be connected to a PC via it's USB interface and software for the preparation of test cetificates in MS Excel.


  • Irrandiance measurement in metric or imperial units
  • Dual channel temperature sensor for module and ambient temperature
  • Integrated compass for measuring roof/panel orientation
  • Built in inclinometer for measuring the angle of inclination
  • Data logger for 5,000 results
  • Real time clock with date and time stamp
  • USB interface with download software
  • Switchable display
  • Calibrated PV reference cell for precise measurement of irradiance
  • HOLD function for display storage
  • Auto power off after 2 minutes
  • Energy stand by mode in data logger mode
  • Reports can be prepared in MS Excel for anaysis
  • Precise, handy and robust