The Benning IT105 is a multifunction electrical installation tester which offers great performance for a compact unit. The multifunction installation tester - an all in one insulation, loop and RCD tester - is extremely easy to use while offering high end functionality at a great price.

The IT105 can measure insulation resistance with a selectable test voltage of 250V, 500V or 1000V, earth loop impedance without tripping a 30mA RCD and line impedance can also be measured, using a higher test current. When measuring loop or line impedance, the Benning IT105 will also display PFC / PSC (Prospective Fault / Short Circuit Current) simultaneously. The IT105 offers full RCD testing functionality by it's ability to measure RCD trip current (Ramp Test) and RCD trip time on both AC (sinusoidal) and A (pulsating) type RCD's. Continuity can also be measured for low impedance resistance of protective conductor and earth bonding connections, as well as AC & DC voltage 0-440V) and phase sequence / rotation.

An AUTO function simplifies the testing procedure by ensuring that testing is commenced without user intervention for most functions. When  the auto test function is selected for RCD measurement, the IT105 will perform an automatic sequence of single trip time tests at half trip time, single trip time and five timnes trip time at both zero and 180 degrees. The user simply resets the RCD after each test is performed and at the end of the sequence, the results are displayed on the IT105's easy to read LCD display.

For ease of measuring, the IT105 is also supplied with a full set of test leads, including a remote probe, which allows the user to start the measurement process via the test probe as an alternative to pressing the test key on the meter. This is particularly useful for testing in switchboards where the hands may not be free.

Key Features:

  • Excellent perormance to price ratio
  • Insulation resistance testing with 250V, 500V & 1000V output
  • Earth loop impedance testing without tripping of a 30mA RCD
  • Line impedance testing with high current
  • Automatic and simultaneous display of PFC & PSC (prospective fault/short circuit current)
  • Testing of RCD trip current and trip time
  • Voltage measurement
  • Phase sequence / rotation display
  • Continuity with 200mA test current
  • Large backlit LCD display
  • Supplied with full set of test leads including REMOTE start test probe
  • Hard field case
  • Compact with a host of features