The Prova 23 is a multifunction digital clamp meter, capable of measuring not only True RMS AC current, but also a wide range of power parameters, including Watts (to 9999KW), active power (W, KW and Horsepower), reactive power (VAR and KVAR), apparent power (VA and KVA), energy consumption (mWH, WH, and KWH), power factor (PF) and phase angle. The Prova 23 can also measure balanced three phase power and phase sequence, as well as standby power consumption, which is a very useful feature for IT and electronics products.

In addition to it's ability to measure power, energy, current and harmonics, the PROVA 23 can also be utilised as a current leakage clamp meter, having a very high resolution of only 10µA, which is significantly better than the resolution found on many current leakage meters. Additionally a fast peak capture of 39µS allows the PROVA 23 to capture fast inrush currents, typically found on start up of equipment, or fast changing loads.

The Prova 23 is capable of reading low currrent values, as well as low power values, in both mA and mWH ranges, and is supplied complete in it's own case with test leads, and user documentation.


  • Multifunction Current, Voltage, Power, Energy, Harmonics and Leakage Clamp Meter
  • True RMS AC current up to 90A
  • True RMS AC voltage up to 600V
  • Power up to 9999KW
  • Active Power (W, KW & Horsepower -HP)
  • Reactive power (VAR & KVAR)
  • Apparent power (VA & KVA)
  • Energy consumption (mWH, WH & KWH)
  • Mesurement of stanby power consumption
  • Power factor, phase angle measurements
  • Measurement of balanced 3-phase power and phase sequence
  • Leakage current measurement at 10µA resolution
  • Non-interrupted power and harmonic analysis
  • Better understanding of high frequency harmonics analysis (up to 5/6 KHz)
  • Harmonic analysis of current and voltage (1st to 99th order)
  • Total harmonic distortion (%THD-F) and Crest Factor (CF)
  • Fast Peak function of only 39µS for fast transients and inrush current
  • Programmable CT ratio from 1 to 250
  • MAX, MIN and DATA HOLD functions
  • Active Power in HP (Horsepower)
  • Auto Power Off (30 minutes)
  • 30mm diameter jaw
  • Autoranging