The Caisson LVT-15 is a compact, hand held temperature and humidity meter which can measure both air temperature, as well as information about the moisture content of the air, such as relative humidity, and dewpoint. The multifunction LCD display on the LVT-15 can display either key parameters at the same time, in a multi line format, or if preferred the user can select a key parameter to display in the main area of the display with the remaining parameters scrolling across the secondary part of the LCD screen.

Housed in an ergonomic and easy to handle case with a built in temperature and humidity sensor, the LVT-15 offers a fast and easy solution to measuring temperature and humidty with no fuss and heralds accurate results without the need to use cumbersome or difficult to use instruments. With the LVT-15, the user simply removes the unit from it's protective carry case, switches on and reads the air temperature and humidity. A 3.5mm jack is built into the LVT-15, which allows the instrument to take surface temperature measurements, should the need arise.

The LVT-15 is manufactured in Germany and is built using professional level components and sensors, making this temperature and humidity meter accurate and reliable. Backed by a two year manaufacturer's warranty and local support and service from Test Equipment Pty Ltd, the LVT-15 is designed to provide many years of reliable service.


  • Measures air temperature and humidity simultaneously
  • Multi line LCD display for all key parameters
  • Simple to use with single button operation
  • German engineering and manufacturing for professional users
  • Supplied in hard carry case with factory calibration protocol, user manual and battery
  • Small and compact, weighing ony 200 grams
  • Measures air temperature from -10 to +50°C
  • Measures relative humidity from 5 to 95%
  • Dewpoint from -30 to +100°C
  • Optional surface temperature probe available
  • Two year manufacturer warranty with onshore support and service
  • Professional quality sensors for accurate measurements