Measurement of air velocity, air temperature and air volume is possible with the Tenmars TM-414. This is a vane air flow meter (anemometer) with a dual digital display and a 45mm vane housed at the end of a 95cm long cable, with an easy connector making it simple and quick to plug into the main unit. The Tenmars TM-413 can measure air velocity in various units from 0.4m/s up to 25m/s with a resolution of 0.1m/s, and is also capable of measuring temperature from -20 up to +60 degrees Celsius, and relative humidity from 20% to 80%, making it an ideal instrument for diagnosing air flow and air conditioning faults.

The TM-413 is supplied complete with carry case, calibration certificate, and user manual.


  • 45mm diameter, 6 blade vane
  • Mesures air velocity from 0.4m/s up to 25m/s
  • Rapid response sensor for air temperature measurements
  • Air volume function
  • Maximum, minimum, average and data hold functions
  • Auto power off with disable function
  • Low battery indication
  • Memory for up to 99 measurements
  • Backlight function
  • Humidity sensor
  • Wet bulb and dewpoint measurements
  • Dual LCD display
  • Certificate of calibration