The TM-190 Multi-Field EMF Meter offers three measurements in one simple hand held meter:

A three axis magnetic field measuring device (Gauss Meter), with 3-channel internal measurement sensors(X,Y and Z) which enhance reliable measurements and monitoring of low frequency Electromagnetic Field strength, an Electric Field Meter, used for measuring low frequency electric fields and a RF Field Strength Meter, operating at frequencies from 50Mhz to 3.5 Ghz making it suitable as a microwave leakage detector as well as for other RF emitting equipment.

This meter indicates the level of electromagnetic pollution generated by appliances, power lines and industrial machinery..

An easy to read full colour TFT display presents the information to the user in a clear way, with all three readings (RF field strength, electric field and magnetic field) shown at the same time making the TM-190 a very easy to use instrument. The data hold function allows the user to freeze the display at any time.

• Three measurements in one meter - Electromagnetic field, electric field and RF field strength.
• For triple axis measurements of low frequency electromagnetic fields, as well as electric and RF fields.
• Quick and easy measurement with three-channel measurement sensors
• Colour TFT display for measurement of all three fields simultaneously.   
• Data hold (HOLD) function
• Auto ranging
• Easy & safe to use
• Battery life indicator


• Low frequency (EMF) electromagnetic field strength measurement, electric field meassurement and RF field strength monitoring.
• Overhead power lines, appliances, industrial applications, RF emitting equipment (cellular communications), microwave leakage.
• Personal living environment EMF safety



Electromagnetic field

Electric field

RF Strenght field

Sensor type:

Low Frequency 
Magnetic Fields

Triple axis (X, Y, Z)

LF Electric Fields

RF Strength


0.02~2000mG, 0.02 to 200µT

50V/m to 2000V/m.

0.02µW/m²  ~ 554mW/m²


0.01/0.1/1 mG or

0.01/0.1/1 µT

1 V/m

0.01μW / m², 0.1μA / m, 0.1mV/m,0.001μW/cm ², 1dB


50/60 Hz


50MHz to 3.5GHz



± (7%+50dgt)

± 2dB  at 2.45GHz

Accessories included:

• TM-190 Multifunction EMF meter
• User manual 
• 3 x AAA batteries and calibration protocol