The Metrix MTX 3291 is an industrial quality professional TRMS multimeter with dual digital display allowing measurement of a wide range of electrical parameters. It's innovative design makes it compact, rugged, comfortable to grip and leakproof to IP67 standard. With an easy to use design based upon the "one key, one function" principle, monitoring of Min, Max, Avg and Peaks enables you to capture various faults and transients very easily.

With an easy to read 70 x 52mm LCD screen, all pertinent information relating to the measurement being taken is displayed in a logical manner, and as well as the electrical measurements being taken by the multimeter, a contextual connection diagram guides the user to connect the leads correctly for the type of measurement being taken. The MTX 3291 allows for dual measurements to be displayed at the same time on a 60,000-pts display, with a main display at the top and a secondary display beneath, separated by a 61 segment bar graph for analogue style readings. With this dual LCD it is possible to display voltage and frequency at the same time, or a real time measurement along with the MAX, MIN or AVG values, or even a PEAK value, or RELATIVE value. The MTX 3291 also boasts a low pass filter, making RMS measurements possible on speed controllers for motors.

The MTX 3291 has a low impdance voltage measurement function, which allows for measurement of electrical circuits where ghost voltages may be present.

Building on the specification of the MTX 3290 multimeter, the MTX 3291 has an improved 60,000-cts display plus a USB optical interface, allowing the multimeter to interface with a PC with the help of the included SX-DMM software. Additionally, the MTX 3291 has a higher overvoltage safety rating of CAT IV - 600V / CATIII - 1000V.


  • TRMS, 60,000-cts, VAC/DC/AC+DC, VLowZ, IAC/DC/AC+DC, Ohm, Cap, Diode, Hz, Temp
  • 60,000 count display
  • True RMS AC Voltage and Current measurements
  • 1000V AC/DC/AC+DC
  • 10A AC/DC/AC+DC
  • VlowZ - low impedance voltage measurement
  • Resistance to 60MΩ
  • Capacitance to 60mF
  • Diode test capable
  • Clamp function for direct current readings
  • Frequency measurement to 600kHz
  • Temperature with optional PT100/PT1000 sensors
  • Audible continuity
  • Min/Max/Avg/Peak with time stamps
  • Hold / Auto-Hold functions
  • Easy to read 2.75 x 2" (70 x 52mm) LCD screen
  • USB Optical Connector with SX-DMM Software
  • IP67 rated
  • 1000V CAT III / 600V CAT IV
  • 3 Year Warranty