The PROVA 903 dual channel TRMS digital multimeter is able to simultaneously display dual inputs on it's large LCD display, for instance two voltage readings, or one voltage and one current reading. The PROVA 903 can measure AC and DC voltage to 1000V with a very high accuracy of 0.03% (DC) and 0.1% (AC). Being True RMS also means that the 903 multimeter can be used on even non-sinusoidal waveforms, and a bandwidth of 100kHz makes the 903 a fast response multimeter.

Up to 10,708 records for both channels can be recorded with the PROVA 903, and the supplied software and PC interface cable allows for data transfer to a computer.

Capacitance, frequency, and resistance can also be measured with the PROVA 903, and the 2 channels allow for comparison of voltage relationships, similar to a dual channel DSO. The PROVA 903 is an ideal instrument for electrical and controls system troubleshooting.


  • 60000 countsand dual input channels
  • 2 in 1 - Two inputs (V & V, V & A)
  • AC/DC voltage measurement to 1000V
  • AC/DC current measurements to 10A
  • 0.03% DC voltage basic accuracy
  • 0.1% AC voltage basic accuracy
  • True RMS with fast ACA and ACV response
  • Bandwidth of 100KHz (max)
  • Capacitance, resistance and frequency measurement
  • Better AC accuracy than that of a benchtop DMM
  • More functions than those of a benchtop DMM
  • Lower cost than a benchtop DMM
  • Study the relationshipof 2 voltages similar to a dual channel DSO
  • Dual display of frequency and duty cycle
  • Record data of both channels using a PC through USB interface
  • Standalone data logging of 10,708 records for both channels
  • Supplied with software, test leads, user manual and battery in a hardwearing rubber holster