The Radiodection RD7100TLM locator is a precision underground service locator, with the highest number of frequencies in the RD7100 range, as it is optimised for use in the telecommunication industry, and has an additionl two high frequencies (131kHz and 200kHz) which make tracing smaller diameter cables over longer distances with higher impedances practical. With seven active frequencies, ranging from a low frequency 512Hz, up to the highest 200kHz frequency, and four sonde frequencies for tracing a wider range of non-metallic conduits in dense infrastructure, the RD7100TLM has more frequencies available than all other RD7100 marker locators. Whilst depth in power mode is not a feature of the TLM locator, the higher frequencies are offered as an alternative for telecoms locator contractors, but the TLM can still be used to locate other buried services, such as power cables and pipes. It's rugged housing and high contrast screen make it suitable for use in a range of weather condtions. The RD7100TLM also contains a transponder for detection of buried utility RF markers, making them suitable for use across a range of industries. Combined mode allows for scanning of buried cables, pipes and RF utility markers all at the same time, reducing survey time and offering a more simplistic user experience. Radiodetection's unique automatic depth estimation provides measurements when the locator is within close proximity of a RF marker. Rechargeable Li-Ion batteries are standard across all of the RD7100 marker locators, and all are equipped with Bluetooth connectivity.


  • Seven active locate frequencies
  • Separate Peak and Null modes
  • Four dedicated sonde frequencies for locating in non-metallic services
  • Two passive frequencies (power, radio)
  • Built in transponder locates all common RF frequencies
  • Compass
  • TruDepth technology for more accurate depth of services
  • Data Logging and Cal Safe service reminder
  • e-Cert allows the end user to remotely calibrate the unit in minutes
  • Large high contrast screen
  • Works with free RD Maps Android app to create utility maps in real time
  • Can be paired with Radiodetection's range of transmitters