The TM-192 EMF Triaxial Meter is three axis magnetic field measuring device, with 3-channel internal measurement sensors(X,Y and Z) which enhance reliable measurements and monitoring of low frequency Electromagnetic Field strength. It has a frequency range of 30Hz ~ 2,000Hz.

This meter indicates the level of electromagnetic pollution generated by appliances, power lines and industrial machinery. The TM-192 can be used for measurements of a wide range of equipment and environments where a frequency of between 30Hz to 2,000Hz exists, such as electric transmission equipment, overhead power lines, microwave ovens, computer monitors, air conditioners, refrigerators etc.

An easy to read LCD display presents the information to the user in a clear way, making the TM-192 a very easy to use instrument, and up to 500 sets of measurenments can be saved to the memory for later recall.


• 30Hz to 2,000Hz Frequency range
• For triple axis measurements of low frequency electromagnetic fields
• Quick and easy measurement with three-channel measurement sensors
• Magnetic field unit is Tesla (T) or Gauss(G)
• Data hold (HOLD), maximum hold (MAX), and minimum hold (MIN) functions
• Auto range or manual range select mode
• Easy & safe to use
• Low battery detector
• Over load indication
• Auto power off function


• Low frequency (EMF) electromagnetic field strength measurement
• Overhead power lines, appliances, industrial applications
• Personal living environment EMF safety