The Tenmars TM-194 is a digital microwave leakage detector, capable of meauring microwave leakage and also electromagnetic radiation from 50MHz up to 3.5GHz. A frequency selection button allows the user to use the detector in normal mode (50MHz - 3.5GHz), or in microwave mode (2.45GHz) at which the TM-194 is precisely calibrated. An easy to read LCD digital display with a bar graph presents the measurements to the user in a very straightforward manner.

The TM-194 is supplied complete in a carry pouch, with calibration certificate, user manual and batteries.


  • Dual mode 2.45GHz microwave leakage mode and 50MHz-3.5GHz normal mode
  • Data hold
  • Maximum and minumum functions
  • Zero function
  • Easy to read LCD display with bar graph
  • Auto power off after 30 minutes
  • Built in alarm function
  • Fast sample rate of 2.5 times per second