The RD7100 RF marker models from Radiodetection offers the ability to locate specific underground cables, pipes and utility RF markers in complex underground utility networks, providing a fast and effective means of locating and mapping underground utilities. Effects such as different soil types and proximity to other cables and pipes can affect readings however, the RD7100 RF marker locators remain accurate and precise with a host of ground-breaking new features.

These RF marker models detect all commonly used RF utility markers, making them suitable for use across a range of industries. Combined mode allows for scanning of buried cables, pipes and RF utility markers all at the same time, reducing survey time and offering a more simplistic user experience. Radiodetection's unique automatic depth estimation provides measurements when the locator is within close proximity of a RF marker. Rechargeable Li-Ion batteries are standard across all of the RD7100 marker locators, and all are equipped with Bluetooth connectivity. The PLM and TLM versions also feature on board usage logging, which allows up to 1 year's worth of typical usage data to be stored for download to a PC - useful for documentation, compliance and training needs.

The RD7100 marker locator is designed to be a lightweight, energy efficient meter, which can also be used for extended periods of time. Despite its lightweight ergonomics the RD7100 marker locator is also rugged enough to be operated in practically all weather conditions. The RD7100 range ease of use is highlighted by its large backlit screen and simple user interface, which displays clear information and makes operating the RD7100 marker locator extremely simple.

The product family includes four powerful locators and three transmitters, offering different power outputs, and being optimised for various applications. The RD7100 family consists of:

DLM – Water & Pipeline Industry

The DLM series is designed for the water industry and supported by a wide range of pipe location accessories. These locators are designed to detect active and passive frequencies as well as FOUR DIFFERENT SONDE SIGNALS. This makes the DLM version of the RD7100 ideal for both standard pipe, cable and RF marker (DLM models), but also for locating deep, underground dirty water pipes and drains where sondes can be used. The DLM locators can also locate Cathodic Protection System (CPS) signals applied to pipelines making the DLM locator even more versatile.

With the four different sonde frequencies, the DLM locators can locate pipes made from different materials including cast iron, plastic, clay, fibre, concrete and brick. The DLM model allows users to map utilities in real time using the free RD Maps Android app.

Featuring compass and dynamic overload protection as standard, the DLM aid pipe and cable location in electrically noisy environments.

PLM – Power Industry

The PLM range of cable locators identifies the target cable reliably, even in areas of large scale cable in complex electrical networks.

One of the challenge when working in the power industry is operating the cable locator near to high voltage environments where the presence of strong EMF signals can overpower the locator when trying to pinpoint buried cables.

The PLM range is designed for use in these areas where excessive magnetic fields, generated by high voltage equipment and cables can make accurate underground cable locating difficult. The dynamic overload protection reduces the effect of this electrical noise allowing for uncompromised locating accuracy.

Additionally the PLM locators can indicate depth in power mode. This is done on live cables without the use of the transmitter and is useful where connection of the transmitter to a power cable may not be possible or hazardous. The built in compass aids correct alignment with the target cable, maximising depth measurement accuracy. With 8kHz fault find, allowing the RD7000+PLM to be used with an optional A-Frame, means that cable insulation faults can be identified to an accuracy of 10cms.

TLM – Telecoms Industry

Large bundled pairs of cables require specialised location equipment to find and trace a signal.

As the telecom industry continues to install highly insulated copper and fibre based cables, tracing and locating bundled cables becomes more difficult. The TLM range of locators allow the operator to use higher frequency locate signals, which can pinpoint high impedance, small diameter cables. The TLM models can be used to locate telecom utility markers an the internal data logging system allows locator usage to be analysed to aid in compliance and the identification of training needs.

The majority of telecom cables have no earth, but are sheathed. The use of high frequencies allows tracing without the need of earth connections. Once the correct cable or pipe is identified a Radiodetection A-frame can be used to locate cable sheath faults to with 10cms, using the 8 KHz fault find mode.

RD7100 Locators:

The RD7100 marker range offers three lightweight, easy to use locators, optimised for use in construction, pipeline, power and telecom industries. These locators are ergonomically designed to provide the operator with a device which is responsive and intuitive, while the large backlit LCD screen provides clear information in any light condition. The interface has easily identifiable icons, which are consistent across both the locator and transmitter range for ease of operation.

Centros™: RD7100 locators are Centros™ enabled. Centros™ is a measurement engine based on more than 30 years of continuous development, combining new and innovative algorithms with tried and tested software in a high performance microprocessor. Centros™ improves locator accuracy and repeatability, delivering timely responsiveness.

Compass: Allows the target line to be quickly and easily followed by indicating the orientation of the target cable or pipe and the locator on the screen. This helps to improve accuracy when measuring depth.

Dynamic Overload Protection: Extends the RD7100 locator capability into areas where other locators fail by automatically filtering out large and unwanted signals aiding accurate location even in electrically noisy environments.

Peak/Null Mode: Helps to identify the effects of distortion due to ground effects or nearby utilities. Simultaneous display of peak bar graph response and proportional null arrows allow a quick assessment of locate conditions.

Remote Calibration: Using the Windows software, locators can be checked for correct calibration and operation over the Internet without the need to return the RD7100 for service. A calibration certificate can be saved, emailed or printed or a service can be booked should any issue be detected.

Extended Warranty: Radiodetection offers a free upgrade to a 3 year extended warranty on RD7100 marker locators and transmitters (product must be registered within 3 months of service). Registration also offers free product software and feature upgrades.

Marker Locator: The RD7100 marker locator models detect all commonly used RF utilities markers. TruDepth™ automatic depth estimation without the need for two step measurements allows for faster & more accurate surveys. Combined mode allows scanning for cables, pipes and markers simultaneously.

Data Logging: On board memory (PLM and TLM models) can store over a year’s worth of locate history at one second intervals. Data can be backed up to a PC at any time giving virtually unlimited record keeping for the life of the product. Retrieved data can be analysed for compliance or training requirements.

Additional Locator Features:

  • Three different locator types, optimised for different industries (construction, power, pipeline, telecoms)
  • 50Hz to 200KHz frequency range
  • Peak mode
  • Null mode
  • Real sound
  • TruDepth™
  • Strike alert
  • Current measurement
  • CPS (DL/DLM models) power and radio passive location modes
  • RD Maps Android app for utility mapping
  • Data logging and CALSafe™ (PLM & TLM models)
  • Depth measurement in power mode
  • Fault Find (PLM & TLM models)
  • Auto gain with manual control
  • Selectable 50/60Hz
  • Selectable metric/imperial units
  • Selectable battery type
  • Selectable frequency and function set
  • Selectable antennae modes
  • Selectable language
  • Settings saved on power off
  • USB connectivity for software upgrades and data logging
  • Bluetooth connectivity to external devices
  • Compatible with RD8100, RD7000 and RD8000 accessories

RD7100 Transmitters:

Based on a fully digital platform, the family of Radiodetection transmitters has been designed to support the range of RD7100, RD8100 RF cable and pipe locators, as well as the RD7200 and RD8200 of standard locators. The transmitter is available in two powers of 5-watts and 10-watts. The 5 & 10watt transmitters feature Fault Find as standard.

All model feature constant current across their entire bandwidth in direct connect, clamp or inductive mode. The transmitters are light (2.9kg), well balance and IP54 rated, for use in demanding conditions. Each model has a removable accessory tray and weatherproof battery compartment. A large backlit LCD screen provides the operator with clear information.

90V Output Capacity: All transmitters have both 30V and 90V output options, resulting in higher signal current being delivered on high impedance target lines than typical transmitters which only offer a 50V output. Higher signal levels are easier to locate and travel over longer distances.

SideStepauto™: This feature allows the transmitter to deliver the optimum frequency based on ground impedance. This optimises the active frequency, helping to improve locator accuracy an extend battery life.

All transmitters feature direct connection and induction frequencies compatible with locators across the RD7100 and RD8100 range and can easily be customised to match the receiver. A multimeter function enables quick measurements of output voltage, line voltage, current, impedance and power.

Transmitter Features:

  • Two power versions – 5-watts, and 10-watts
  • 8KHz Fault Find – locates faults from short circuits up to 2MΩ
  • Current Direction Fault Find – for long distance fault finding
  • 5 Current Direction (CD) paired low frequencies
  • Current delivered at 30V, or 90V high voltage mode for impedance operation
  • 256Hz to 200KHz active frequency range
  • Selectable modes support specific RD7100 & RD8100 locator model frequency range
  • 8 inductive frequencies
  • SideStepauto™
  • 250V transient overvoltage protection
  • Multimeter function
  • 8-D cell battery cassette (Rechargeable Li-Ion battery pack (Optional))
  • Accessory tray
  • Plug and play accessories
  • External 12V operation (using Radiodetection isolation transformer)
  • Click-touch splash-proof sealed keypad
  • High contrast LCD screen.