The Radiodection RD7100PLM locator is a precision underground service locator, optimised for use in the power and electrical industries. With five active frequencies, ranging from a low frequency 512Hz, up to a higher frequency 65kHz and a dedicated sonde frequency, the RD7100PLM can also display depth in power mode, which allows the user to see the estimated depth of a live electrical cable when in passive mode and tracing without the use of the transmitter. It's rugged housing and high contrast screen make it suitable for use in a range of weather condtions. The RD7100PLM also contains a transponder for detection of buried utility RF markers, making them suitable for use across a range of industries. Combined mode allows for scanning of buried cables, pipes and RF utility markers all at the same time, reducing survey time and offering a more simplistic user experience. Radiodetection's unique automatic depth estimation provides measurements when the locator is within close proximity of a RF marker. Rechargeable Li-Ion batteries are standard across all of the RD7100 marker locators, and all are equipped with Bluetooth connectivity.


  • Five active locate frequencies
  • Separate Peak and Null modes
  • Dedicated sonde frequency for locating in plastic pipes and conduits
  • Two passive frequencies (power, radio)
  • Built in transponder locates all nine common RF frequencies
  • Compass
  • TruDepth technology for more accurate depth of services
  • Data Logging and Cal Safe service reminder
  • e-Cert allows the end user to remotely calibrate the unit in minutes
  • Large high contrast screen
  • Allows creation of utility maps in real time using RD Maps Android app
  • Can be paired with Radiodetections range of transmitters