The Testrite T-375 AC current leakage TRMS clamp meter is used to measure very low AC leakage currents, which typically are found in situations where an earth leakage current prevails. Using the lower ranges on the meter, it is possible to detect small amounts of earth leakage current. A harmonics filter enables the T-375 meter to supress noise from other sources, making the T-375 accurate, but also very stable when measurements of very low currents are required, as any interferance from unwanted sources, such as high frequency harmonic distortion and noise can be filtered out, and prevented from interfering with the accuracy of the T-375's measurement.

As well as being able to measure current leakage, the Testrite can also be used as a standard clamp meter, by selecting the higher ranges, as it will measure AC current up to 100A. For users requiring a clamp meter which is capable of measurement with a high resolution at lower currents, the Testrite T-375 would also make an ideal choice. Measurements of AC and DC voltage up to 600V, resistance, continuity with a buzzer and frequency are also possible with the Testrite T-375, making this instrument a useful multifunction clamp meter and current leakage meter.


  • Check for leakage and locate insulation breakdowns on live circuits
  • Measures leakage current up to 600mA with up to 10µA resolution
  • Measures current up to 100A
  • True RMS
  • Measures up to 600V (AC and DC)
  • Measures frequency in Hz (voltage and current inputs)
  • Measures Resistance and Continuity
  • Hold feature freezes Value
  • Max feature keeps track of highest measured In-rush value
  • Zero button ideal for measuring relative values
  • Filter to isolate 50/60Hz systems from harmonics
  • Fully meets national standards


  • Earth fault current measurement
  • Electrical safety compliance testing
  • Medical device safety testing
  • Process loop monitoring
  • General AC load monitoring
  • Industrial troubleshooting checks