The Testrite T-3000 gas leak detector is a newly developed electronic instrument offering the latest in microprocessor control, with digital signal processing (DSP) to ensure greater accuracy and higher levels of sensitivity. The T-3000 is capable of detecting leakage of flammable gases, such as methane, propane, butane, petrol etc and in addition to these gases, it is also possible to use the T-3000 to detect accelerants (the residue source fuel of a fire or explosion). Using the latest heated semi-conductor sensor, mounted at the end of a 400mm flexible probe, the T-3000 reaches into those hard to reach spots with ease.

The uses for the T-3000 are wide and varied, such as detecting fuel, petrol and LPG systems, solvent residue, gas levels in confined spaces, vehicle exhaust and fuel systems, gas systems, gas cylinders, hydrocarbon refrigeration systems and marine systems.

A tri-coloured LED light display alerts the user readily to any leakage intensity, and a variable level audible alarm will sound, with the lights illuminating, depending on the level of leak discovered. To make leak checking quick, reliable and easy, the T-3000 has an ambient concentration reset, which allows the user to reset the instrument once a leak has been found, and pinpoint the source of the leak easily and rapidly. A High-Low sensitivity selector allows for varying levels of sensitivity, which is useful for following the source of a leak, and then homing in precisely. Sensitivity of 5ppm is possible with the T-3000.


  • Detect leaks in liquid or gas fired systems
  • Checks propane and butane leakage
  • 7 LED Tri-Colour visual warning system
  • Variable intensity audible alarm
  • Ambient concentration reset
  • Newly developed heated semi-conductor sensor
  • High-Low sensitivity selector
  • 400mm flexible probe
  • Low battery indication
  • Sensitivity as low as 5ppm (gasoline)
  • Reference leak source botttle included (for checking sensor)
  • Lightweight and easy to use


  • Check gas and liquid fired systems
  • Test boilers, hot water systems, heating systems
  • Use for checking LPG fuel systems
  • Detect solvent residue
  • Check for propane, petrol and butane leaks
  • Detect hydrocarbon refrigerant leakage (R600a, R290)
  • Check for cracked pipes, heat exchangers and components
  • Detect fuel residue in marine and vehicle systems
  • Test gas cylinders for leak tightness
  • Check gas levels in confined spaces
  • Detects methane, propane, and combustible gases
  • Gas fitters, HVAC technicians, plumbers, and other uses

Supplied in a hard carry case, with leak check, batteries, and user manual