The AGH6100 is a confined space gas leak detector, capable of monitoring the levels of four different gases as follows:

  • Oxygen - O2
  • Carbon Monoxide - CO2
  • Hydrogen Sulphide - H2S
  • Combustible Gases

In confined spaces, such as pits, sewers and enclosed areas, dangerous gases can accumulate rendering the area unsafe to enter. The AGH6100 monitors these gas levels in real time, and alerts the operator by means of 4 alarm lights (for different gases), a loud >70dB audible buzzer and a vibrating alarm, which permits using the gas detector in different environments, including those with high noise levels.

The housing is hard wearing and rubberised, designed for use in harsh environments, and is both IP66 rated, meaning it is protected against dust ingress and water spray (not in harmful quantities). Additionally, the AGH6100 also carries an intrinsic safety rating (Exd ib IIC T4 Gb) and can be used in temperatures from -10℃ to 55℃ and relative humidity of up to 95%.

The AGH6100 utilises the latest gas sensors made in the United Kingdom, which are easily replaceable and designed for long service life. The large LCD screen is split into 4 equal sections to display the measurement parameters for each measured gas, and the bright warning lights are positioned around the edge of the instrument housing making them easy to see. A rugged belt clip is positioned on the rear of the device, which allows it to be securely fastened to a belt or other area before entering a confined space or hazardous area.


  • Measures 4 gases in real time (O2, CO, H2S and combustible gas)
  • On screen display of readings in ppm and combustible gas lower explosive limit
  • Easy to navigate on screen menu allowing for simple and quick set up
  • Large segmented LCD screen with back lighting
  • Rotating display for viewing at different angles
  • Built in rechargeable lithium battery
  • Visual and audible alarms with bright flashing lights and loud siren plus vibration
  • On board logging which can be uploaded to PC via USB
  • Built in status light indicates any on board faults
  • Intrinsically safe housing (Exd ib IIC T4 Gb)
  • Charging status light
  • Easy to replace gas sensors
  • Compact measuring 155 x 75 x 38mm