The Tenmars TM-209M is a multi function light (lux) meter which has the functions associated with a standard light (lux) meter, with the ability to measure light, up to 400,000 lux as well as LED light, which cannot be measured with a standard light meter. The TM-209 has user selectable LED light sources for various colour LED sources, and is fully auto ranging, adjusting the range automatically to the light source being measured. It measures light from visible luminaries equipped with white light LED, fluorescent, metal halide, high-pressure sodium and incandescent sources.

The TM-209M is a compact and easy to use meter, with an easy to read LED display, dats hold and a memory with the ability to store up to 99 readings. It can measure maximum, minimum and average values and is supplied complete with compact carry case, user manual and factory calibration certificate.


  • Ability to measure whole visible light plus LED light sources
  • User selectable multiple LED light sources
  • Built in memory with the abilit to store up to 99 measurements
  • Auto power off with disable function
  • MIN / MAX / AVG hold
  • Real zero function
  • Data hold
  • Silicon photo diode and filter
  • Cosine angular corrected
  • Certificate of calibration