The Testrix 322M is an easy to use and compact, yet reliable handheld thermal imaging camera that offers a quality inspection service. Equipped with a 25-degree lens, it provides the user with the ability to undertake electrical and mechanical inspections due to its narrower field of view which enhances smaller targets and allows measurement of smaller hot spots than a wide-angle lens. Along with its extended -20°C to 550°C intelligent temperature measurement range, it suffices all inspection applications in a variety of industries.

With its 160 x 120 resolution, 19,200 thermal pixels, advanced imaging algorithms such as IRedge and MagicThermal, and its high sensitivity (60mK), the 322M can provide a wider temperature difference, resulting in more colours on the thermal display and the generation of extremely accurate and comprehensive thermal information about the product being inspected. As well as this, you can gain deeper insights into more complex examinations and achieve sharper details with up to 20 ROIs on screen.
Super Resolution (SR) image enhancement also comes as standard on the 322M which effectively quadruples the number of image pixels to give a 320 x 240-pixel image and enhance thermal report presentation.

The 322M is equipped with a manual focus system which gives the greatest level of control to the user, making it possible to capture intended targets and fine tune them for the maximum image quality. A manual focus lens allows small objects to be fine tuned and increases the level of accuracy of the thermal imaging camera. Coupled with a 10-year detector warranty, the 322M is a high-quality piece of equipment designed to give years of professional use.
The 322M is supplied with the AnalyzIR software, making it easy to produce one-click automatic reports. During or after inspections, there is the option to record and listen to voice annotations using a Bluetooth headset and add important written notes to recorded videos and pictures. Further to this, it is possible to organise images with similar features by scanning QR codes for automatic naming. Thermal images also can be shared in JPEG format with embedded temperature values, and these are able to be transferred in only a few seconds via a memory card (64GB) or WiFi.

Its lightweight and compact design allows it to be carried or stored in any toolbox or coverall pocket. As well as this, the 322M has been recognised for its IP54 rating and its performance in a 2m drop test, ensuring a durable product that is well-protected from the elements (including dust and water) and one that is resistant to damages. It has a battery operational time of over 5 hours which makes it optimal for long day shifts and inspections of a greater complexity. The 3.6V Li-battery can be easily charged ready for the next task, making the Testrix 322M the perfect choice for all thermal imaging inspection needs where a budget conscious decision is paramount.  
The 322M is supplied in a hard field case with a carry pouch, user documentation (calibration certificate, warranty card, user guide), USB and micro-HDMI cables, mains charger, memory card and reader and TWO rechargeable batteries.